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Cable bridge Fall down – 141 People are died In Gujarat

Gujarat – Morbi

A major accident took place on Sunday evening in Morbi, Gujarat. Many people fell into the river due to the sudden breaking of the cable bridge over the Machhu river in Morbi. Rescue operation is being carried out to get people out of the river. So far 40 people have been rescued in the rescue operation. About 150 people were washed away in the river in the accident, there is still news of 100 people missing.

According to the information received, the officials said that the bridge, which was recently reopened to the public after repair, broke down as it could not bear the weight of the people standing on it. Local MLA and Minister of State Brijesh Merja, while telling about the accident, said that many people fell into the river due to the collapse of the bridge. Rescue operation is on. There is information that many people have been injured in this. They are being taken to the hospital. According to eyewitnesses, there were many women and children on the bridge when it collapsed.


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